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As difficult as it is to discuss at times, everyone in the family has to live with multiple sclerosis, not just the person who has it. Living well with MS takes a team effort. Can Do MS has led the way in helping support partners be actively involved in sustaining physical, mentally and emotionally healthy relationships. Through our interactive lifestyle empowerment programs, support partners expand their understanding of MS while developing the skills, tools, strategies and confidence needed to thrive.

Who are support partners?
Spouses, family members or friends are encouraged to attend Can Do MS’s lifestyle empowerment programs with a person with MS. Special sessions are devoted to this group of support partners, addressing their needs, goals, concerns and challenges.

Who should attend a Can Do MS program as a support partner?
The support partner aspect of the program is designed specifically for individuals who are affected by your diagnosis and are 18 years or older. The support partner role is not an appropriate choice for an individual who has been diagnosed with MS. Can Do MS reserves the right to refuse participation in any program, or any part thereof, to a support partner who has been diagnosed with MS or is under the age of 18.