02 Feburary Bowel Library

Bowel and bladder changes are common challenges that many people with MS face. 

Your healthcare team can help you navigate these challenges!


Make Healthy Dietary Changes

1.       Drink plenty of fluids--Increase water intake - 48-64 oz daily

2.       Increase fiber intake - 20-30 g of fiber daily
Whole wheat pasta, barley, chickpeas, Edamame, Berries, Brussels sprouts, Avocados

3.       Avoid bladder irritants including:
Caffeine, Constipation, Alcohol , Concentrated urine/not drinking enough, Spicy food, Smoking, Acidic liquids/ food


Exercises - Get Moving:

Walking, aquatics, strengthening, core, Yoga, Thai Chi


Ask For a Referral to Physical/Occupational Therapy:

Pelvic Floor Rehab - typically will require a referral from your doctor

Biofeedback - provides visual feedback of pelvic floor contractions

Kegels!  Find time to perform these...every stop sign, every commercial break, before    every meal, etc.  Be diligent! 


Helpful Tools - Set Your Bathroom Up For Success!

Talk with your provider

1.       Monitor for signs and symptoms of infection and seek treatment quickly

2.       Ask your provider about medications or treatments that may be helpful