2023 Webinar Presentations & Resources

January Webinar
Presentation Slides Building & Sustaining Healthy Habits
Library Article_Realistic Resolutions:  Changing Resolutions Into Habits

February Webinar
Presentation Slides How To Optimize Your Energy
Library Article_Conserving Energy While Doing Your Everyday Chores

2022 Webinar Presentations & Resources

January Webinar
Presentation Slides How to Eat Well With MS (And Actually Enjoy It)
Library Artlcle_5 Tools To Help You Achieve Your Diet Nutrition Goals

COVID-19: An Update on the Current Landscape
Presentation Slides

February Webinar
Presentation Slides Mobility Overcoming Barriers To Walking And Moving
Library Article_You Can The Whys And Hows Of Staying Active When You Have MS
Brochure How To Choose The Mobility Device That Is Right For You

March Webinar
Presentation Slides_Fatigue: How to Get More Energy and Keep It Up
Library Article_Solving The Puzzle Of MS Fatigue
March 2022 Additional Resources

April Webinar
Presentation Slides_Cognition: How to Improve Your Thinking, Attention, and Memory
Library Artlcle_12 Tips For Brain Fog
Brochure - Managing Cognitive Problems

May Webinar
Presentation Slides_Mood And Mental Health How To Deal With Feeling Different
Library Article_Ms And Your Mood Why It Matters What

June Webinar
Presentation Slides: Bowel and Bladder: How To Gain Confidence and Control
Library Article: The Most Common Bowel and Bladder Problems in MS (And What You Can Do To Manage Them)

Emerging Therapies in MS
Emerging Therapies in MS Presentation Slides

July Webinar
Presentation Slides:  How to Stay Steady When Sensory Symptoms Throw You Off Balance
Library Article:  Strategies to Improve Visual Problems That Interfere With Daily Functioning

August Webinar
Presentation Slides: How To Make Daily Life With MS Easier
Library Article: Your Guide to Gadgets and Gizmos for MS 

COVID-19:  Dealing With Anxiety in Today's COVID Landscape
Presentation Slides:  Dealing With Anxiety in Today's COVID Landscape

September Webinar
Presentation Slides: How To Take Control of Pain
Library Article:  Pain in MS

(recent interview of Dawn Ehde, PhD about pain in MS that has tips in it)
•Dr. Bowling’s info on cannabis: http://neurologycare.net/mj2.h... 

October Webinar
Presentation Slides: How To Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep
Library Article: Sleep and MS: Strategies For Improving Your Zzz's

November Webinar
Presentation Slides:  How To Get With A Healthy Sex Life
Library Article:  Discovering Your Sexual Self

December Webinar
Presentation Slides:  How To Bounce Back When Life Brings You Down
Library Article:  Building Resilience in the Face of Life Adversity and Challenge